Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh on Monday asserted that discrimination against women was a myth because a television show he watched had women secretaries who told men to "get some gonads."

In a rant against the White House Summit on Working Families that featured Mad Men actress Christina Hendricks, Limbaugh said that he had come of age during the "militant modern feminist movement."

"It was horrible, it still is," he complained. "My point is, there are no Mad Men women situations in the office today. There are too many women bosses, too many women running the show, too many women CEOs. There are not nearly as many men going to college these days."

Limbaugh argued that a better example of a television show that "chronicles cultural change" was the USA network drama Suits, which has two lead characters who are both men.

"There are two prominent male characters who are spineless wusses, obsessed with feelings, and touchy-feely," he explained. "And it is secretaries -- women -- who have to come in and tell them to buck up, get a spine, get some gonads, and stop running around here with your tail tucked between your legs."

"In other words, it is the women who are the bosses, the women who are the strong characters and figures. The women are the ones that have no emotions, the women are the ones that are cutthroats. And these two guys are veritable wimps, crying."

Limbaugh insisted that there was no "Mad Men world today, and yet, we have a summit going on at the White House, participated in by a Mad Men actress, saying it's time to get rid of these old ways of treating women, and get rid of them like we got rid of the rotary phone. We have."

The conservative host said that the Democratic Party was using the "same old playbook" to "perpetuate this silly Republican war on women."

"And the whole point of it is to create a lie, a false impression that women are still mistreated, and stomped on, disrespected!" he exclaimed.

Watch the video below from The Rush Limbaugh Program, broadcast June 23, 2014.

(h/t: Media Matters)