The 2014 Texas Republican Convention takes place this weekend and things were off to an interesting start with this speaker, a Davy Crockett impersonator who called for the violent overthrow of President Barack Obama and his administration.

Dressed in buckskins and carrying a raccoon skin he called "Buster," the Crockett impersonator took the stage, calling out, "Good morning Texans! Are you proud? Are you blessed to live in the state of Texas?"

"Crockett" went on to dispense such pearls of down-home wisdom as "Never be a member of a party whose name ends with the word 'rat.'"

"We must protect the rule of law in this nation," he said. "In the early 1800s at the Alamo, it ran red with the blood of the freedom fighters. In November of 2014, I want Texas to run red with the greatest candidates that has [sic] ever been seen by any state anywhere as we come and make Texas red again."

"Now, I'm a little disappointed," he continued. "I came down from Tennessee to fight with the great republic of Texas against a narcisstic [sic], tyrannical dictator and here a hundred and seventy-six years later I have to come back and fight against a narcisstic [sic], tyrannical dictator again?"

The crowd bellowed and applauded as he asked, "Who's gonna help me do that?"

Watch the video, embedded below:

[image of Davy Crockett via Wikipedia]