'Texas Values' leader says gay people planning 'concentration camps' over wedding cakes

The leader of an anti-LGBT group in Texas said in a recent interview that gay activists effectively wanted "concentration camps" for anyone who refused to sell them a wedding cake.

In a June 20 radio interview with Raging Elephants Radio host Claver Kamau-Imani that was flagged by Media Matters on Tuesday, Texas Values President Jonathan Saenz is asked about a Colorado baker who was ordered to sell wedding cakes to same-sex couples.

"And so the homosexual couple, whether it's man and man, woman and woman, whatever, they go to this specially created commission to deal with this, file a complaint against the business, and so the commission says 'No, you're gonna make this cake, plus, you're going to go to concentration camp,' essentially," Kamau-Imani explained. "Is that what you're telling us, Jonathan?"

"That's right, that's right," Saenz replied. "You know, they tried to do something like that here in Texas -- I think it was a bill by Sen. Rodney Ellis that dealt with hate crime stuff, where they would've forced you to participate in an event of the quote-unquote community that you had offended."

"I mean, this is what they want. I mean, there's no question. I've seen it," he continued. "I've seen them try to do it with legislation here in Texas at the state level."

"It is a goal of theirs to put people in jail that disagree with homosexual marriage, without question- - or the homosexual lifestyle."

According to GLAAD, Saenz has defended so-called "ex-gay" therapy as a valid science in Texas. The Texas Republican Party officially backed the discredited "reparative therapy" in its party platform released earlier this month.

Listen to the audio below from broadcast on June 20, 2014.