'This isn't the Wild West anymore': Bill Maher destroys Open Carry Texas 'ammosexuals'
Bill Maher during the 'Real time' panel discussion on June 6, 2014. [YouTube]

The thing about "gun culture," Real Time host Bill Maher said on Friday, is that there's not much actual culture -- it's really about the guns, and their owners' unhealthy attachment to them.

"You guys aren't just firearm enthusiasts," Maher said. "You're ammosexuals. And before you try and deny that you have some sort of unnatural romantic relationship with your gun, consider this: You're taking it out to dinner. Because it completes you. Get a room."

Maher advised gun ownership advocates to remember that having firearms didn't give them a license to scare the rest of the population.

"Chill out, Josey Wales," Maher said. "This isn't the Wild West anymore. Clint Eastwood is directing Jersey Boys now."

Groups like Open Carry Texas, Maher pointed out, had done what "thousands of progressive legislators" had failed to accomplish: get their guns banned from several restaurant chains following their public eatery excursions. To illustrate his point, Maher showed a picture of one of the group's members brandishing what appeared to be an assault rifle while wearing his camouflage hat.

"What does he or any of these 'patriots' imagine is going through the minds of sane people when they see this?" Maher demanded. "'Oh my, it looks like Vladimir Putin has annexed Chipotle, that's alarming.'"

Maher also shot down (so to speak) the group's argument that they needed to conduct these demonstrations or risk "losing" their Second Amendment rights.

"Well no, Cletus," he scoffed. "You don't. They're constitutional rights, therefore you can't lose them. Perhaps you're thinking of frequent flier miles."

Watch Maher's commentary, as posted online on Friday, below.