Baltimore man fatally shoots friend of 15 years during botched bulletproof vest 'prank'
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A Baltimore man who allegedly shot his longtime friend will be held without bail, a judge ruled on Monday.

Christopher Flohr, the attorney for 30-year-old Mark Ramiro, told a court that his client had intended to shoot a friend who was wearing a bulletproof vest as a "Jackass"-style prank, according to the Baltimore Sun.

In a video of the incident, 28-year-old Darnell Mitchell brags about taking a "deuce deuce in the chest" before Ramiro fires, hitting his friend of 15 years just above the protective vest.

Ramiro was charged with first- and second-degree murder, and handgun violations.

Flohr insisted to the court on Monday that Ramiro did not have any "ill will" toward Mitchell.

"It was a tragic, tragic accident between friends fueled by alcohol and drug abuse," Flohr explained. "There's no way to explain people messed up on drugs and alcohol."

"This in no way was my client ... trying to do anything but a stupid, ridiculous prank," the attorney added. "He did the best he could to save his friend's life."

Assistant State's Attorney David Chiu, however, argued that Ramiro's lack of judgment made him a threat to the public.

"[The] motivation wasn't anger ... That motivation was fame and glory on the Web," Chiu observed. "That's almost more disconcerting to the state. ... It was a deliberate videotaped shooting of someone [at] point-blank range."

In the end, District Judge L. Robert Cooper agreed that pointing a loaded gun at someone and pulling the trigger was "incredibly dangerous behavior."

Ramiro was ordered held without bond. His next court appearance was scheduled for August.

Watch the video below from WBAL-TV, broadcast July 19, 2014.

[Pistol and bullets on white background via]