A 9-year-old boy in California is expected to recover after his brother shot him in the face with a shotgun.

Merced County deputies told KFSN that the boys were shooting pigeons while their father was nearby on Wednesday. Later, they went to the property of Victor Produce, and that's when the older brother accidentally discharged the loaded shotgun.

"The 14 year old told detectives he had his finger on the trigger and he didn't see his brother originally but he knew he was walking nearby," Merced County Sheriff's Office Captain BJ Jones explained. "He heard his brother crying and then he saw he had an injury to his right side of the face."

The boy was taken to a Sacramento area hospital after the father contacted 911. He was being treated for an injury to the right side of his face.

Jones said that the shotgun was designed to be used for hunting birds.

"Sometimes it's referred to as a pheasant gun," said Jones. "The caliber is a .410 shotgun shell so it's pretty menacing. It's designed for foul and other small game."

Investigators wanted to know if the children were being supervised at the time of the shooting, but no charges had been filed.

Watch the video below from KFSN, broadcast July 2, 2014.

[Photo: A smoking 12 bore shotgun having ejected spent a cartridge by Max Earey via Shutterstock]