Drunk Texas man shoots wife, stepson and kills self when told he drinks too much
Drunk man with rifle via Shutterstock

A Houston, Texas man shot his wife and stepson in the head after a confrontation in which the woman said her husband drank too much.

According to KHOU Channel 11, the woman saved her life by playing dead on the bedroom floor after her husband shot her.

The woman apparently tried to tell her husband -- who was freshly out of jail -- that she thinks he drinks too much. The man went into a rage, shooting his wife and then her 30-year-old son.

The unnamed man then used the gun to kill himself.

Both the woman and her son are expected to survive.

Neighbors told Channel 11 that the family frequently argued, having long, voluble disputes that would spill into the yard and the street outside.

"Actually the gentlemen is kind of a large gentleman, and he's always been a very loud-voiced gentleman and you could hear him yelling, calling for his dogs all the time," neighbor Barbara Estrada told ABC News.

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