Harlem pastor: God curses 'homo' supporters with 'cancer HIV syphilis' -- then hell

A New York pastor warned last week that church members who supported LGBT people would be cursed by God with "cancer HIV syphilis stroke madness itch then hell."

On the sign in front of his Atlah World Missionary Church in Harlem, Rev. James David Manning backed up an anti-gay message by pointing to 1 Corinthians 6:9, which says that men who have sex with men will not "inherit the kingdom of God."

"All churches & members that support homos cursed by thou with cancer HIV syphilis stroke madness itch then hell," the sign reads. A photo of the sign was posted by Twitter user @HIVstories, and then later called out by the blog Joe My God.

Just two days before the photo of the sign was shared on Twitter, Manning had published a YouTube video warning church members to pull their children out of public schools because they were "under a massive attack by the homosexual lobby."

“They should not be pressured into making a decision to become homosexual," he said.

Manning argued that the solution was for parents to enroll students in his Atlah schools.

"There is at present pressure on children to choose to glorify homosexuality," the pastor insisted. "God disapproves of it. Don't let anyone tell you that homosexuality is not wrong, and then Jesus never said anything about it."

At that point in the video, Manning showed images of an earlier controversial church sign, which read, "Jesus would stone homos."

"I'm not here promoting stoning, I'm simply countering the homosexual mafia's statements that are inaccurate, and that are flat-out lies against Jesus," he concluded.

Watch the video below from ATLAHWorldwide, broadcast July 24, 2014.