KKK members call for shooting young refugees dead: 'Leave the corpses laying on the border'

A self-described "Imperial Wizard" for a Ku Klux Klan organization openly defended his group's call to deal with the thousands of young Central American immigrants coming to the U.S. through a "shoot to kill" policy, Al Jazeera America reported.

"To me, they're breaking the law when they come here," a hooded man identifying himself as Robert Jones said. "If we can't turn them back, I think if we pop a couple of them off and leave the corpses laying on the border, maybe they'll see that we’re serious about stopping immigration."

Jones, who said he belonged to a group calling itself the "Loyal White Knights," made the statement in a 10-minute interview with an associate flanking him in a remote field in North Carolina.

The Klan "Wizard" also told Al Jazeera that the current influx of refugees from El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Honduras was sparking a rise in KKK membership, though he did not offer any evidence to back up his claim.

"We get thousands of people calling us a day, sending money, donations," he insisted. "People want to see more rallys. They're begging us to come to their town."

Jones argued that the children were bringing "Third World diseases" with them into the U.S., an argument that has already been debunked.

"These people are criminals to begin with when they come to our country," he told interviewer Robert Ray. "When they come here and cross our borders illegally, they're breaking the law. What makes you think they're going to continue to stop breaking the law once they get here? They're going to continue breaking the law once they get here."

Watch Al Jazeera's report, as posted online on Tuesday, below.