NRA News commentator Dom Raso compares gun control to racist Jim Crow laws

NRA News commentator Dom Raso recently compared laws to regulate guns to laws that enforced segregation and outlawed interracial marriage.

Raso, a U.S. Navy SEAL veteran, said in a video uploaded to YouTube on Sunday that gun control laws were like Jim Crow laws because owning and carrying a firearm was a civil right.

"Just because someone makes a law that says you can't buy, own, or carry a weapon doesn't make it lawful," he remarked. "Jim Crow laws were also passed and enforced and those were equally unconstitutional."

"Too many Americans don't think of the Second Amendment as a civil rights issue," Raso continued. "And that's dangerous, because all of those rights together define freedom. If you're free to speak but not worship, you're not free. If you're free to vote, but not to speak, you aren't not free either.

"And if you're free to do everything but defend yourself with a firearm, you're not going to feel very free when you're holding the phone waiting on the cops to save you from a home invader."

He concluded that owning a gun was a human right.

The NRA, the largest gun lobby in the United States, successfully derailed President Barack Obama's efforts to enact stricter gun laws in the wake of the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. The group argued that mass shootings could be stopped if more citizens were armed.

Watch the video below.