Rick Santorum's Hobby Lobby movie warns Christians that U.S. is becoming Nazi Germany

The production company run by former Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum said this week that it planned to release a movie about Monday's Supreme Court decision that gave some corporations the right to deny birth control to women based on religious objections.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, EchoLight Studios will release the documentary -- called One Generation Away: The Erosion of Religious Liberty -- on Sept. 1.

A trailer for the movie points to the Hobby Lobby case that the Supreme Court decided on Monday as proof that the government is trying to destroy religious freedom. Filmmakers compare the situation to Nazi Germany, when Christians in Germany did not "wake up."

After the Supreme Court decided to take up the Hobby Lobby case late last year, Santorum argued that excluding birth control from women's health insurance plans was a First Amendment right for corporations.

“I mean, the idea that the First Amendment stops after you walk out of church, that it doesn’t have anything to do with how you live the rest of your life, I don’t know very many people of faith that believes that their religion ends with just worship,” he told CNN. “I don’t think that’s what the First Amendment stands for. And I don’t think that’s what the court will say.”

During his 2012 campaign for president, the Catholic candidate vowed to repeal President Barack Obama's health care reform law, and all access to birth control along with it.

“We’ll repeal Obamacare and get rid any idea that you have to have abortion coverage or contraceptive coverage,” he said at the time. “One of the things that I will talk about that no president has talked about before is I think the dangers of contraception in this country, the sexual liberty idea and many in the Christian faith have said, you know contraception is OK. It’s not OK because it’s a license to do things in a sexual realm that is counter to how things are supposed to be.”

Following the campaign, Santorum stood behind his opposition to contraception, saying that the Supreme Court was wrong to take away the states' ability to ban it in a 1965 ruling.

“The state has a right to do that, I have never questioned that the state has a right to do that," he argued. "It is not a constitutional right, the state has the right to pass whatever statues they have. That is the thing I have said about the activism of the Supreme Court, they are creating rights, and they should be left up to the people to decide."

Santorum's documentary is expected to feature remarks by Ronald Reagan, and Fox News host Mike Huckabee. EchoLight said that the movie would also explore other recent court cases about the U.S. military, college campuses, and businesses that do not want to provide wedding services to same-sex couples.

Watch the trailer below.

OGA Trailer 1 from EchoLight Studios on Vimeo.