Radio host Rush Limbaugh asserted on Monday that men's support of birth control coverage for women was only about "sex, sex, sex."

During his Monday broadcast, Limbaugh expressed outrage after learning that more than half of privately insured women saved $269 a year by getting "free birth control" because of President Barack Obama's health care reform law, up from just 14 percent in 2012.

"Here's the thing, women have demanded independence and power and feminism and all this, and now demanding everybody pay," the conservative host opined, adding that he had realized over the weekend that young men also supported contraception coverage.

"Today's young men are totally supportive of somebody else buying women their birth control pills because make sure the women are -- sex is what it's all about it!" he insisted. "Sex, sex, sex. That's what it's all about. Everybody wants it, and whatever it takes to make it safe. And if it takes the taxpayers buying women birth control, the men are for it too."

"It's cheap insurance, and if this is what women want before they'll have sex, fine," Limbaugh continued. "We were brought up with the idea that sex has consequences, and that it's somewhat special. And that if you want something, you provide it yourself, you don't ask somebody else."

"That's all out the window now."

Listen to the audio below from The Rush Limbaugh Program, broadcast July 7, 2014.

(h/t: Media Matters)