WATCH: Dramatic Colorado crime spree ends after cop tackles rifle-toting suspect

By Daniel Wallis

DENVER (Reuters) - Sheriff's deputies in Colorado ended a two-hour crime spree by a couple suspected of carjacking when a lone officer tackled a gun-toting man following a dramatic pursuit that was caught on camera.

Authorities say Christopher David Sullivan, 37, and an underage girl fled on Wednesday after being stopped by a Jefferson County deputy for a traffic violation, triggering a manhunt around Lookout Mountain, about 12 miles west of Denver.

"During the suspects' attempts to elude police they stole three vehicles, burglarized two homes, menaced 12 innocent bystanders and left at least six separate crime scenes in their wake," Jefferson County Sheriff's Office said on Thursday in a statement.

In gripping footage captured by a news helicopter, Sullivan and his blond companion are seen walking through sun-lit woods, him carrying what appears to be a rifle in one hand and a pistol in the other.

They separate, and Sullivan is seen trying to steal trucks from business lots. He then breaks into an occupied home and seizes an SUV from inside, smashing it through the garage doors in reverse before later crashing it into a ditch.

Waving his rifle, he tries unsuccessfully to stop several vehicles on a nearby highway before being confronted at gunpoint by a Jefferson County motorcycle officer.

Sullivan drops his weapons and begins to walk away, and the officer then tackles him. An onlooker gets out of his car to help subdue the suspect.

The girl was arrested elsewhere on the mountainside.

Sullivan is being held on a $1 million bond and is next due in court on July 30. He faces possible charges that include attempted first degree murder of a police officer, aggravated robbery and first degree aggravated motor vehicle theft.

The girl was being held at a juvenile detention facility on similar charges, the sheriff's office said.

(Reporting by Daniel Wallis; Editing by Jim Loney)

Watch video, courtesy of Fox13, below.

Watch raw video of the incident, courtesy of Fox13, below.