What? Louie Gohmert says Obama is a bigot for deporting Mexicans instead of child refugees
Louie Gohmert (World Net Daily)

Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX) suggested on Tuesday that the president of the United States was "extremely prejudiced" because he was deporting Mexicans, while allowing child refugees who were fleeing violence in Central America to stay.

In an interview with Newsmax TV host J.D. Hayworth, Gohmert said that President Barack Obama's plan to allow Honduran children a way into the U.S. without having to make the dangerous journey through Mexico was proof that he was trying to change the country.

"I mean, holy smokes, this guy truly is fundamentally transforming America," the Texas Republican opined. "But not into anything the Founders ever dreamed. These are people who are being given amnesty, who will eventually be able to vote if they're not already, who have no idea what it takes to maintain a Republic if you can keep it, madam [sic]."

"And if you want to say, look at where these folks came from, we've got to give them amnesty, we've got to help them," Gohmert continued. "Listen, there are are so many children around the world that are worse off than those in Central America, and how unfair is it to the Mexicans?"

"I don't know why this president is so extremely prejudiced against Mexicans. They say, if you're from Mexico, we'll turn you right around and send your right back. But if you're from Central America, 'No, come on, we'll send you all over the United States.'"

Gohmert added that Republicans in the House of Representatives were going to need "extreme courage" to stop the president by saying, "There is nothing else being funded for your White House until you stop this lawlessness."

But he predicted the "mainstream media" would call Republicans prejudiced.

"No, we care about saving the Constitution," Gohmert insisted.

Watch the video below from Newsmax TV, broadcast July 29, 2014.