Why the Tea Partier who mistook YMCA kids for foreign terrorists was right

The liberal media, or I should say media, to avoid being redundant, is, as usual, getting it all wrong when it comes to immigration. Its latest stunt, which, I'm sad to say,  Raw Story's own Amanda Marcotte took part in, involves Adam Kwasman, an Arizona financial consultant and Tea Partier who is seeking the congressional seat of Arizona's 1st Congressional District. Like any true  patriot, Kwasman has taken action to defend our nation from the largest threat we face today:  Central American immigrant children apprehended at the border.  Inspired, no doubt, by the righteous protestors in Murrieta, California, who blocked a bus carrying undocumented detainees, shouting thoughtful chants (USA! USA!) and holding up clever signs (Return to Sender), Kwasman put his body on the line to demonstrate for his cause in Oracle, AZ.

Spotting a bus of immigrant children, the ever-vigilant Kwasman tweeted: "Bus coming in. This is not compassion. This is the abrogation of the rule of law."

So shrewd is Kwasman that he was able to read the facial expression of these alleged Central American children. As he explained to KPNX-TV Channel 12 in Phoenix, "I was able to actually see some of the children on the buses, and the fear on their faces."

But, as know-it-all reporter Brahm Resnik couldn't wait to point out, Kwasman didn't have the story exactly right: "You know that was a bus with YMCA kids?" asked Resnik. To which Kwasman responded, "They were sad too." I'm not sure if his response was at all related to the point made by Resnik. I think Kwasman was still processing the trauma of seeing the fearful and sad faces of innocent children on their way back from a day of inhumanely insufferable trust falls and Simon Says games.

Unable to withstand the pressure of the liberals who run the media, Kwasman apologized to Resnik, erased his original tweet and apologized, again, on twitter: "Last tweet not the bus of illegal immigrant children. Thank God.... I apologize for the confusion. That was my error."

But why is Kwasman apologizing? He got it right! Sure these kids were from a YMCA camp and not Central America. But I bet they were afraid and sad. You know why? Precisely because of the threat of the invasion of other children from different countries. Poll after poll shows that ten-year-olds consistently oppose immigration reform, and embrace an isolationist position on almost every issue.

Or, maybe the bus-riding kids were disturbed by a crowd of hateful, fear-mongering adults who take glee in harassing children who risk their lives fleeing from violence and suffering largely caused by U.S. policies. There's always that.