Cop Tasers compliant teen into fit of seizures: ‘He was trying to kill my son,’ says mom

An African-American teen in Connecticut is recovering in the hospital after being shocked by Hartford police with a Taser, even though his family said that he was obeying officers' commands.

In surveillance video obtained by WTIC, 18-year-old Luis Anglero Jr. can be seen walking up to an officer, and then comes to a sudden stop and puts his arms to his side.

However, the officer continues to advance toward Anglero, and fires his Taser, causing the teen to fall to the ground.

Members of Anglero's family who witnessed the incident said that the teen hit his head on the sidewalk, and started to bleed. In cell phone video recorded by witnesses, Anglero shakes uncontrollably as if he is having a seizure.

“[The officer] told my brother, if you move up more I’m going to tase you, so my brother he went like this, he went like this, he was standing like this and then the guy just shot him for no reason with the tase,” Nautigo Negron, Anglero’s sister, told WTIC.

According to Anglero's mother, MaryAnn Yearwood, he was running to the aid of his sister, who had been involved in a fight at a nearby convenience store.

“This man could have just stopped and went like that and my son would have stopped. You took that out for no reason, you just wanted to shoot him for no reason,” Yearwood said.

As of Tuesday, Anglero was still in the hospital.

“The hospital wants to keep him over night because his seizing won’t stop. My son is barely 140 pounds," his mother explained. "For him to hit my son with all that and keep his hand on it intentionally, I think he was trying to kill my son.”

Deputy Chief Brian Foley told WTIC that Anglero had been place under arrest, but declined to specify the charges. Foley also refused to watch the video evidence, saying that he could be accused of trying to influence the investigation.

“The supervisor told him not to go any further, he could clearly see that he was an agitator, I guess he took his shirt off at that point and disregarded the orders of the supervisor and continued toward the scene where there was quite a disturbance,” Foley insisted, adding that the officer had followed regulations by using a 5-second Taser burst on Anglero.

“If they have a claim of excessive force we’d be happy to listen to them. We have a system of checks and balances in place right now and if they feel that way, we encourage them to come forward,” he said.

The Courant reported that the officer, who was identified as Det. Shawn Ware, was still on active duty.

Watch the videos below from WTIC, broadcast Aug. 19, 2014.