Donna Brazile mocks GOP pollster for insisting 'hipster glasses' saved Rick Perry's campaign

Republican pollster Kristen Soltis Anderson told ABC News on Sunday that Texas Gov. Rick Perry's (R) "hipster glasses" had helped to save his presidential ambitions.

During a panel discussion on This Week, ABC News Senior Washington Correspondent Jeff Zeleny reported that Perry's advisers had said that he was preparing another presidential run, and that the governor had been getting a "second look" from Republican activists after his devastating "oops" moment in the 2012 campaign.

Host Jonathan Karl asked Anderson if Rick Perry had any "presidential chances" after a recent grand jury indictment for abuse of power.

"Yes, he does," Anderson insisted. "As does anyone on his side who throws his hat in the ring. I mean, the polls consistently show all of these guys hovering somewhere between 5 and 10 percent depending on which day it is."

"I think the second incarnation of Rick Perry -- hipster glasses Rick Perry, instead of cowboy Rick Perry -- I think is very interesting," she opined. "And I think he will bring a lot to a presidential field."

At that point, Democratic strategist Donna Brazile slipped on a pair of reading glasses and peered over them, mocking Anderson.

"The second look is not going to make Rick Perry look any better," Brazile quipped. "The problem is, you know, that his record is still out there. His record as governor, record on health care, education. He will be judged by that, not by the size of Texas and its electoral votes only."

Watch the video below from ABC News, broadcast Aug. 17, 2014.