Fox guest shuts up Liz Cheney on Bill Clinton's cheating: He's as popular as the pope

Liz Cheney on Sunday asserted that Americans did not want Bill Clinton to return to the White House because he was unfaithful to his wife and "continues to behave" improperly.

During a Fox News Sunday panel discussion about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's presidential ambitions, host Shannon Bream noted that a recent Fox News poll found that Americans would rather spend their summer vacations with the Clinton family than the Obama family.

Cheney, however, insisted that Americans did not really like the Clintons.

"The vacation question, part of the answer to that is based on which one is going to be more of a circus," she explained. "And I think that you know if you're hanging with the Clintons, it's going to be a circus."

"And I think this goes to Bill Clinton as well," she continued. "The extent to which people look at him, look at how he's behaved, how he continues to behave. And not that that should blame Hillary for that, but more, do you really want that person living in your White House again?"

But Cook Political Report editor Amy Walter quickly shut down Cheney's argument.

"Who would have predicted this in 1999, but a poll recently out from Wall Street Journal, Bill Clinton, related to other world leaders, he and the pope tied," she pointed out. "The pope tied in terms of their approval rating."

"Okay? So, nobody would have predicted that."

Fox News contributor George Will added that Bill Clinton was a "plus" for Hillary "until people think of him wandering the corridors of the White House, footloose, fancy free, and bored."

Watch the video below from Fox News' Fox News Sunday, broadcast Aug. 17, 2014.