MI Christian's antigay rant caught on video:  'F*cking f*ggot -- you should be put to death!'
Angry man shouting (Shutterstock)

A video recorded by a gay man in Delta Township, Michigan shows one man's violent, antigay rant, and reveals the kind of religiously motivated harassment many LGBT people face every day of their lives.

WILX.com reported that on Tuesday evening, Isaiah Tweedie and his friends were leaving a restaurant when fellow patron Victor Sadet followed them outside and launched a fusillade of taunts and verbal abuse at the group and at Tweedie in particular.

Tweedie took out his camera phone and began to film.

"Say it, again," he said to Sadet.

"I said, 'fucking faggot.' You want a picture? Take a picture," said Sadet, advancing on the group.

The New Civil Rights Movement blog transcribed Sadet's remarks, in which he said that Tweedie should be murdered for his orientation as per the Christian Bible.

"You're a fucking faggot," Sadet said. "God's law -- Leviticus, Leviticus -- you should be put to death!"

WILX contacted Sadet, who said his "religious principles" compelled him to confront Tweedie and his friends.

The verbal attack was technically legal under Michigan law, in spite of a nondiscrimination ordinance passed by Delta Township last year, according to law professor Emily Harvath.

"The ordinance only applies to the restaurant's treatment of its patrons," Harvath told WILX. "Because patrons treatment of other patrons is covered by that individual's First Amendment right."

Michigan does not have hate crime protections in place for LGBT people. The state only has the so-called "ethnic intimidation statute," which protects people based on "race, color, religion, gender, or national origin," but not sexual orientation or gender identity.

Watch video of the bigoted rant, embedded below via YouTube user MightyMighty Spandaniel:

[image of angry man shouting via Shutterstock.com]