NH Republican says he should get to join Black caucus because he's 'fond of rap music'

New Hampshire state Rep. Kyle Tasker (R) quickly backed away from another questionable Facebook post, this one seemingly questioning the need for a Black caucus group, the Huffington Post reported.

Tasker's latest online gaffe stemmed from a post by fellow state Rep. Jordan Utley (R) mentioning that the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), often derided as a "bill mill," hosted the National Black Caucus of State Legislators (NBCSL) at ALEC's annual meeting in Dallas, Texas.

"How do I join the white caucus of state legislators?" Tasker asked.

"Caucuses are merely groups of people with similar likes/dislikes," Utley responded. "Personally I long for the day of character, not color being again the guiding principle."

Tasker wrote back that that was the point he intended to make.

"So what are the likes/dislikes of the black caucus that precludes white people from joining?" Tasker then asked. "I'm fond of rap music..."

Following that comment, Tasker posted a link to the video for Nelly's single, "Country Grammar."

Another Republican colleague, Shawn Jasper, chimed in with a post apparently blaming groups like the NBCSL for propagating racism:

Shawn Jasper

"Racism will never end, as long as we insist on having groups in which the color of your skin is a prerequisite for membership," Jasper wrote. "Jesse Jackson and people of his ilk know this and are fine with this, because that is how they make their living."

However, when the Post contacted Jasper on his phone for a follow-up on his comments, he quickly declined before emailing a statement saying only, "There is too much division by race rather than by ideological belief."

In the past, Tasker has posted videos suggesting Black women are unfit mothers, made light of a thread concerning domestic violence by posting an image of two people engaged in oral sex, and has suggested that he needs to drink alcohol before meeting with Democratic Party colleagues.