'Obsessed' mom sent nude photos of her teen daughters to their dance instructor
Close-up shot of a ballerina taking off the ballet shoes sitting on the floor in the studio on shutterstock

An Australian mother who wanted her daughters to have the dancing career she never could is facing prison after admitting that she sent naked photographs of them to their dance instructor, The Sydney Morning Herald reports.

The woman -- whose name was not released because her daughters are minors -- told that court that renowned Sydney dance instructor Grant Davies requested the pictures, and that she "knew it wasn't right but I didn't know how to stop it." She has been charged with the production and distribution of child pornography.

She said that Davies could make or break the careers of her teenage daughters, and that she was "obsessed and focused" with providing them the opportunity of the career she once dreamed of having for herself.

According to her, Davies said the pictures made him "excited and horny," and she was loathe to stop sending them because she was frightened of him and "did everything he told me to do."

However, the text messages the two exchanged was more casual than threatening. In November 2011, Davies asked "are the girls naked?" to which the mother replied, "no Lol" and "how about on the weekend they do you some more special G-shots?" She told the court that she was "just playing along."

She only stopped providing photographs to Davies after his arrest in May 2013 on 63 child sex offenses involving more than ten of his former students.

At a hearing this morning, Judge Peter Zahra revoked the woman's bail, saying he was concerned because she did not appear to be undergoing any counseling, as the court had requested in the terms of her release. He indicated that he believes she will receive jail time at a sentencing hearing next month.

["Close-up shot of a ballerina taking off the ballet shoes sitting on the floor in the studio" on Shutterstock]