Pennsylvania bridal shop won't sell gowns to lesbian couple, sparking backlash

Two women who hoped to buy gowns to wear to their wedding were turned away from a bridal shop in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, prompting a torrent of criticism for the store online and by word-of-mouth.

According to, the brides-to-be were informed that the W. W. Bridal Boutique "does not service same-sex couples" because to do so would be a violation of their "religious beliefs."

One of the two women -- who wish to remain anonymous -- posted on Facebook that she called the store to schedule a fitting for herself and her partner. She was reportedly placed on hold for several minutes, then told, "Unfortunately she would not be able to schedule an appointment for us because they currently do not service same-sex couples -- it's just not something they do."

The bridal shop's Facebook page has been deluged with angry criticism from people who believe that businesses shouldn't be allowed to pick and choose who they serve based on sexual orientation.

"As a fellow Christian, I'm ashamed of people like you," wrote one commenter. "We are taught to love our neighbor regardless. Did you skip that part?"

Channel 7 Eyewitness News contacted a local civil rights attorney who confirmed, however, that the bridal store's actions are legal. Pennsylvania currently has no laws against discrimination against people based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Some members of the community were angered and taken aback at the store's decision and vowed to speak out against the discriminatory policy.

"I wouldn't shop there," said Bloomsburg resident Susan Welliver. "And I'm married to a man. I wouldn't shop there and I'd tell my kids not to shop there."

W. W. Bridal told Channel 7 that it has obtained legal counsel in the matter, but declined to comment at this time.

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