Philly cops shoot woman after hail of bullets meant for unruly dog goes wrong
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A Philadelphia woman has sued police for shooting her while they were trying to kill a neighbor's dog.

According to the Philadelphia Daily News, a lawsuit filed in Common Pleas Court on Monday said that two officers fired at least six bullets at an unruly dog on Aug. 5, 2012.

Kristen Kelly alleged that officers missed with at least one of those bullets, and hit her in the leg instead.

After surgery, Kelly said that she suffered an infection. She also still has leg numbness, and emotional distress, the lawsuit claimed.

Kelly's attorney, Kenneth Saffren, asserted that excessive force was used in subduing the dog. He said that officers should have called animal control, and should have cleared the scene of bystanders instead of being so quick to draw their weapons.

The lawsuit is asking the police department and the officers to pay $50,000 in damages for negligence, and assault and battery.

The Daily News reported that the dog was eventually killed.

Last year, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey asked the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate why police-involved shootings were on the rise while violence in the city overall has decreased.

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