Watch NJ cop go rogue: Since Obama 'doesn't follow Constitution, we don't have to'

A man who was attempting to document the mistreatment of animals in a New Jersey animal shelter was escorted off the premises by a cop who insisted that police don’t have to follow the Constitution because of President Barack Obama.

According to report in the Home News Tribune, Steve Wronko was at the Helmetta, New Jersey animal shelter filming video for his campaign to reform the way animals are treated in them. "It's about getting animals out of that shelter and getting people into that shelter who could run that facility better," Wronko's wife told the Home News Tribune.

However, his presence was disturbing some of the employees at the shelter, who then contacted police.

"He was in our building and he got some of our employees upset," Police Director Robert Manney said about Wronko. "They were worried because they've seen him before lurking around. In my opinion he was looking for an issue."

The first officer to respond to the call was Special Police Officer Richard Recine, who retired from neighboring Franklin in 2006 but works as a part-time officer in Helmetta now. Officer Recine confronted Wronko, who insisted that he had a constitutional right to be in public buildings.

"You know that, nowadays, with terrorism and all, people have the right to know who's walking around, who's recording," Officer Recine said.

"No, they don't," Wronko replied. "I'm in a public building, recording, which is my First and Second Amendment right."

"They don't even care about that anymore," Officer Recine said. "Because Obama has decimated the friggin' constitution, so I don't give a damn. Because if he doesn't follow the Constitution we don't have to."

Wronko turned the child filming the encounter and asked, "Did you get that? He said he doesn't have to follow the Constitution."

"Yes," Officer Recine said, "our president has decimated the Constitution, then we don't have to."

"But it's the law of the land!" a shocked Wronko replied.

"Then you tell him that," Officer Recine said.

Officer Recine's Facebook "Likes" include Tea Party favorites Glenn Beck and Mark Levin, and he supports causes like securing the border and "traditional" marriage.

When alerted to Officer Recine's comments, Police Director Manney said, "I've already spoken to that officer in regards to that. In my opinion, it's an embarrassment."

He also noted that the investigation would be "completed very swiftly," as "the evidence" of Officer Recine behavior "is right there."

Watch the entire encounter, which was posted on YouTube, below.