John Fugelsang Twitter trolls Limbaugh fans by strafing them with Rush's racist quotes

On Friday, writer and comedian John Fugelsang went on an epic Twitter tirade in which he posted quote after racist quote from conservative entertainer and AM talk radio titan Rush Limbaugh.

Earlier in the day, Fugelsang joked about Attorney General Eric Holder's resignation by predicting Limbaugh's reaction to the news.

This put Limbaugh fans up in arms. users said -- of course -- that Rush Limbaugh isn't racist. It's liberals like Fugelsang who are the real racists.

Other conservatives on Twitter responded in kind.

So Fugelsang spent the afternoon tweeting out a series of Limbaugh quotes that amount to a kind of "greatest hits" of the multimillionaire radio personality's most outrageously racist statements.

Limbaugh's scorn isn't just reserved for black Americans. In his long and extensive career attacking traditionally Democratic constituencies, Limbaugh has lashed out at Latinos and other nonwhites.

At press time, Fugelsang was still finding more quotes from the biggest name in conservative radio and posting them on Twitter.