Utah elementary school teacher shoots self through leg with concealed weapon

An elementary teacher at Westbrook Elementary School in Taylorsville, Utah shot herself through the leg accidentally on Thursday with a weapon she brought to school for protection.

According to the Salt Lake City Tribune, the teacher was in a restroom shortly before 9:00 a.m. when her handgun accidentally discharged, sending a slug through her leg.

School district spokesperson Ben Horsley said that no students were in the area when the accident occurred. The injured woman was taken to a hospital for treatment.

Granite County School District police are still investigating the incident in an effort to determine how the gun went off.

Horsley said that under school district policy, the teacher -- a concealed carry permit holder -- was allowed by law to have the gun on school grounds.

A substitute teacher was brought in to cover the injured teacher's classes, he said, and classes are proceeding at the school as normally as they can.

[image of back to school with bullets and crayons via Shutterstock.com]