College Republicans try to woo young women with bizarre Rick Scott wedding dress ad
Image: 'Say Yes to the Candidate' (Screen shot)

The College Republican National Committee launched a new campaign aimed at young women voters on Wednesday. The debut ad is one of a series aimed at snaring young voters through the use of "culturally relevant" topics.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the digital ad campaign cost nearly $1 million in production and promotional costs and was aimed at young women in 16 key states.

The 60-second YouTube segment is styled to look like the reality TV show Say Yes to the Dress, in which brides-to-be try on different dresses for the cameras and choose one to wear on their wedding day.

In the College Republicans' version, however, Florida voters are urged to "Say Yes to Rick Scott."

Current governor and Tea Party favorite Rick Scott and Democratic challenger -- and former Republican governor -- Charlie Crist are presented as two different wedding dresses for "Brittany," a blonde, ponytailed "undecided voter."

“The Rick Scott is perfect,” says Brittany, posing in a mirror.

The WSJ's Rebecca Ballhaus wrote, "'I like the Charlie Crist,' says her frazzled, somewhat hysterical mother. 'It’s expensive and a little outdated, but I know best.'"

The bridal shop attendant rattles off a list of "extra costs" that come with the “Charlie Crist,” including higher state debts and more expensive tuition for university students.

“I see a better future with Rick Scott,” Brittany decides.

"Tiffani," the bride-to-be's Sassy Black Friend and maid of honor says to the cameras, "We were not gonna let her walk out of the voting booth like that."

Watch the ad, embedded below via the College Republican National Committee: