Fox News priest: How can we baptize kids in same-sex families if parents are sinners?
Father Jonathan Morris (Fox News)

Fox News contributor Father Jonathan Morris on Sunday suggested that baptizing the children of same-sex couple would be difficult because the parents would be raising them in sin.

Last week, bishops rejected a proposal backed by Pope Francis that called on the church to officially "accept and value" homosexuals. But the bishops did agree to include language that said discrimination against LGBT people was "to be avoided."

"The midterm report made is sound like, by welcoming, we're changing doctrine," Morris explained in a Sunday appearance on Fox & Friends. "And what does that mean to welcome? Should we welcome? Of course, we should welcome everyone."

"I always look at my church when there's a baby crying, and people are looking back, 'Oh, get your baby in order.' The baby is the only innocent voice in this whole church," the father continued. "We are all sinners. Of course, we should find creative ways to welcome, and not change the Bible. You know, we actually believe in the Bible."

Morris noted that Pope Francis had even called on the church to go out and find people in "irregular difficult situations," and welcome them to the church.

Fox News host Anna Kooiman wondered if the pope went "even further to say let's try to pray the gay away?"

"It is difficult, and I think they're going to have to make decisions next year of what that means," Morris replied. "Real practical situations. A gay couple comes in with their child for example to baptize the child. Should the child be baptized? Of course."

"But every couple, gay straight, when they say we're baptizing our child, they're saying, 'We're going to raise him in the Catholic faith,'" he pointed out. "And so as a priest, as a minister, how do you deal with that? What does that exactly mean?"

Watch the video below from Fox News' Fox & Friends, broadcast Oct. 19, 2014.