Jon Stewart shreds 'robber baron' Koch brothers for buying ad time during his show
Jon Stewart (The Daily Show)

Since Koch Industries decided to buy advertising time during The Daily Show this week, host Jon Stewart said, his team decided to give Charles and David Koch their money's worth by making "adjustments" to their commercial.

"We're Koch Industries -- the next generation of robber barons," the revised ad said. "Bending the democratic process to our will since 1980. Oh, and our brother David likes ballet."

Stewart pointed out to his audience in Austin, Texas that the company had placed an ad that aired shortly after his interview with Democratic gubernatorial candidate and state Sen. Wendy Davis on Monday night.

The commercial, replete with smiling employees and cheery narration, plays up the Kochs' Kansas roots and boasts that the company is creating "more opportunities for people everywhere."

"That's the kind of an ad that a company usually makes when it turns out a byproduct of their manufacturing process is giving young pubescent men talking nipples," Stewart observed.

But the two "lovable scamp" brothers' work, he explained, sounded less cheerful once one factors in their efforts to pour "a waterfall of money" into the political process via a shadowy web of groups furthering their conservative agenda, necessitating the new version, narrated by Samantha Bee.

"We're Koch Industries -- not just an energy company," Bee says in the "revised" commercial. "Not just an energy company; we're in your food, in your pants, and in your home. And if there’s a way to monetize your thoughts, we'll find it."

Watch Stewart's commentary, as posted online on Wednesday, below.