Oklahoma man opens fire on ex-girlfriend for not leaving 'fast enough': police
Drunk man with rifle via Shutterstock

An Oklahoma man was taken into custody late last week after police said that he shot at his ex-girlfriend because she was not getting out of their home "fast enough."

Tulsa police told KOKI that a woman reported that her ex-boyfriend fired the shot at her after she decided to leave the failed relationship.

"She decided that she was going to leave the residence today, and she was gathering up her things to do that. Apparently she just wasn’t moving fast enough to him," Tulsa Police Department Corporal Demario Gay explained.

As the woman collected her belongings and prepared to walk out the front door, the man allegedly fired a "long gun" inside of the residence. Officers only found evidence of one shot being fired in the home.

"There is evidence in the house that what was described to us, which is that he shot at her, did take place," Gay noted.

According to police, the bullet narrowly missed the woman.

It was not immediately clear if the man was trying to kill his ex-girlfriend, but Gay pointed out that no one with good intentions would shoot at another person.

"He definitely fired a shot at her, and anyone who is firing a shot at someone isn’t trying to do something well [intentioned]," he said.

Watch the video below from WLOX, broadcast Oct. 20, 2014.

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