Two guys show up as famous women for dress-as-celebs event, and school freaks out
15-year-old Chandler Krueger was sent home from school after dressing as Nicki Minaj for 'Spirit Day' [KING-TV]

Earlier this week, a Randle, Washington high school asked students to come to school as their favorite celebrities as part of "Spirit Week." So sophomores Chandler Krueger and Mason Mudge did what they were told and showed up as their favorite celebs -- two women.

According to KING-TV, the two White Pass Junior and Senior High students showed up dressed as rapper Niki Minaj and Miss America, respectively. But their choice to dress as women prompted Principal Gary Stamper to make them choose between changing clothes or going home. Mudge and Krueger chose to leave.

"If they really wanted Spirit Week, why punish somebody for being spirited?" Krueger said.

In response, at least 10 students went to class on Thursday dressed as members of the opposite sex.

"I think it's really awesome that all the kids support me and support the decisions that I made," Mudge told KING. "I walked into school this morning and everyone was dressed in pink and all that."

None of the students who took part in the show of support were disciplined. Columbia School District Superintendent Chuck Wyborney said that neither Mudge nor Krueger will be suspended for their costume choice, and said he would investigate district policies on such matters.

"If it happens again, we'll handle it differently," he said.

Watch KING's story on the protest, as aired on Thursday, below.