WATCH: Alabama grandparents arrested after department store brawl with mall cop
Bonnie and William Calvery (Florence Police Department)

A Florence, Alabama couple were taken into custody Monday night after they got into a vicious brawl with a police officer who was attempting to arrest their daughter for shoplifting.

According to, staff at the Belk department store in Florence called Bonnie and William Calvery to come and pick up their infant grandchild because their daughter was being arrested for shoplifting.

Mr. and Mrs. Calvery arrived on the scene and reportedly became irate and confrontational with the arresting officer. However, when Mrs. Calvery allegedly grabbed for the officer's gun, the confrontation became physical.

Security footage from the store cameras shows the officer taking out his handcuffs during what appears to be a verbal argument. Shortly thereafter, blows are exchanged and the trio goes down in a tangle of limbs.

Bonnie and William Calvery were charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and third degree assault. Mrs. Calvery was further charged with disarming a law enforcement officer.

Both were taken to jail and bonded out shortly thereafter.

The Florence Police Department posted raw footage on Facebook from Belk's security cameras, which is embedded below: