Whites riot over pumpkins in NH and Twitter turns it into epic lesson about Ferguson
Keene Pumpkin Festival riots (Screen capture)

Police were forced to descend on Keene, New Hampshire Saturday night after students and outside agitators turned the city's 24th annual Pumpkin Festival into "a destination for destructive and raucous behavior."

Those words -- spoken by Keene State College President Anne Huot to CNN -- only begin to describe the scene, which led to dozens of arrests and hospitalizations.

One rioter, Steven French, told the Keene Sentinel that he traveled from Haverhill, Massachusetts to attend the festival because he knew it would be "f*cking wicked."

"It’s just like a rush. You’re revolting from the cops," he continued. "It’s a blast to do things that you’re not supposed to do."

The police viewed the behavior of French and his cohorts less favorably, barricading streets and firing tear gas into crowds in an effort to disperse them.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, users marveled at how different the police response to these unruly young adults was to another recent event:

They then mocked the conservative response both to the Michael Brown shooting and the protests that occurred in its wake:

Of course, some good could come from this:

The hope is that, one day, the following could be true of everyone:

Watch video of the mayhem via the Keene Sentinel below.