Alex Jones: 'Globalists' may assassinate Obama as 'false flag' to promote gun safety and health care
Radio host Alex Jones on July 10, 2014 [YouTube]

Conservative radio host Alex Jones speculated about President Barack Obama being assassinated on Wednesday, expressing concern that it would be part of a larger plot against the U.S. Right Wing Watch reported.

"I've been saying this for six years," Jones said. "The real false flag could be an assassination of Obama, or it could be an attempted assassination."

Jones said that "the globalists" would not be above assassinating Obama despite him being their "Harvard minion" and their "golden idol" so that they could make a deity out of him.

"God forbid, the last thing we would ever want would be for Obama to be assassinated," Jones said. "Because then he could be turned into a martyr, and they can lionize all the horrible things they've done in his name, and then say that you wanna kill somebody if you're against Obamacare or against turning our guns in."

Watch Jones' remarks, as posted by Right Wing Watch on Thursday, below.