Ann Coulter tells Fox News: Democratic pro-women voters are 'bottom 51 percent in terms of IQ'
Ann Coulter (Fox News)

Conservative columnist Ann Coulter on Sunday accused Democrats supporting women's rights to win the "bottom 51 percent" of voters "in terms of IQ."

During an interview on Fox & Friends, Coulter told host Tucker Carlson that the midterm elections should be about Obamacare.

But Carlson pointed out that Democrats seemed to be focusing on other issues.

"Everywhere I turn, every spot I see from the Democratic side, it's all about birth control and abortion," Carlson said.

"The Democrats don't care," Coulter opined. "If they can get the bottom 51 percent of voters in terms of knowledge and IQ, they're perfectly happy. I can fool 51 percent of the people, that's enough to win. And hopefully, we'll overcome that."

She added that Republicans had been hurt by Tea Partiers and libertarians in some races, but for Democrats, "their Achilles heel is the feminists, which is why we -- 'No, no, no, abortion, that's the most important issue, that will bring out the voters.'"

Watch the video below from Fox News' Fox & Friends, broadcast Nov. 2, 2014.