Creationists say theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss is like Hitler: 'Very, very terrifying'
Lawrence M. Krauss, Professor and Director, The Origins Project, Arizona State University, USA in Behind the Cosmic Curtain at the World Economic Forum (WEF/Flickr)

The hosts of an evangelical Christian talk show don't just think theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss is a fool, they think he is similar to Adolf Hitler.

Last week on creationist Ray Comfort's show, The Comfort Zone, the hosts attacked Krauss for saying that religion could disappear in the span of a generation.

"Atheists usually hide the fact that they believe nothing created everything," Comfort opined. "Lawrence Krauss wrote a book called the 'Origin of Nothing.'"

He said the thesis of Krauss's book was scientifically impossible and "foolish," while co-host Emeal Zwayne wondered whether nothing was actually something.

"I'll tell you what about Krauss," Zwayne added. "Just the glee that he got from the thought of eradicating religion -- and it's not religion, he hates Christianity. He hates Christ. But the way he said that, 'In a generation -- that's what we should do, plant those seeds of doubt, it's our responsibility.'"

"Hitler said some similar things," Comfort interjected. "Hitler's Youth."

"And that's exactly what I was going to say it was reminiscent of," Zwayne said. "Very, very terrifying, friends."

Watch video below:

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