Jon Stewart: Republicans' idea of a 'rational argument' is scaring seniors with Ebola
Jon Stewart 103013 [YouTube]

Daily Show host Jon Stewart tore down the conservative argument that they appeal to rational voters while Democrats can only appeal to emotion.

"Some might say it takes a lot of b*lls to say your opponent has no good rational arguments when your best argument appears to be reaching into older voters' heads and poking their amygdalas," Stewart observed.

As proof, he showed footage of GOP campaign ads stoking fears of an incursion by the Islamic State terrorist group, or an Ebola outbreak -- or both happening at once.

Besides trying to replace "Hope and change" as an election slogan with "vote for us or get beheaded while pooping blood," Stewart noted the "coincidence" of states like Texas and North Carolina enacting harsh voting restrictions not long after the Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act.

"Far be it from me to question anyone's motives," he said. "But come on, a lot of these laws smell pretty voter suppression-y."

That Texas -- which "never met a gun-purchasing restiction [it] didn't think was not onerous" -- was suddenly pro-regulation, Stewart said, was especially sketchy, given that the state's voter ID law will allow gun licenses to be accepted at the polls, but not college IDs.

"The party wants to make sure no one ever walks into a school and unleashes a wanton spray of ballots," he said.

But even with Republicans threatening to take over the Senate on Tuesday, Stewart took exception to House Speaker John Boehner's (R-OH) argument that the GOP would no longer "butt heads" with Democrats if that happened.

"Somehow, no matter what we do, I think we're gonna get butt heads," he snarked.

Watch Stewart's commentary, as posted online on Monday, below.