'Make them squeal': Joni Ernst's victory speech borrows line from movie rape scene
Joni Ernst delivers victory speech in Iowa (C-SPAN)

Iowa Senator-elect Joni Ernst (R) may have unknowingly used a line from a rape scene in the movie Deliverance during her victory speech on Tuesday.

"Well, Iowa, we did it, We did it!" she told her supporters. "It’s a long way from Red Oak to Washington, from the biscuit line at Hardee's to the United States Senate."

"But, thanks to all of you we are heading to Washington. And we are going to make ‘em squeal."

ABC News dubbed the remark one of the "Best Lines From Joni Ernst's Victory Speech." And she was almost certainly referencing the political ad about her experience castrating hogs that launched her campaign.

In the ad, Ernst had said that her knowledge about removing piglet testicles would help her cut spending in Washington. And it was clear from her words on Tuesday that she would also be taking her figurative castration knife to more than just the budget.

But the language from her victory speech was disturbingly similar to a rape scene in the 1972 thriller Deliverance.

In the movie, two Atlanta businessmen are captured by two armed men in the mountains of Georgia. One of the businessmen is forced to "squeal like a pig" before he is raped by one of the two mountain men.

Watch the video from Ernst's victory speech below via C-SPAN.

Watch the NSFW scene from Deliverance below.