Ann Coulter: Most women who say they were raped are just 'girls trying to get attention'
Ann Coulter (Fox News)

In an appearance on talk radio's The Lars Larson Show last week, conservative talking head Ann Coulter claimed that women who report rapes, most of the time, are just "girls trying to get attention."

According to Right Wing Watch, the Godless author said that a botched Rolling Stone story about a campus rape at the University of Virginia just shows that "there is no campus rape problem."

Coulter dismissed the notion of date or acquaintance rape out of hand, insisting that unless a victim gets "hit on the head with a brick," it isn't a legitimate rape.

“People know what a rape is," Coulter insisted, "and to have girls trying to get attention -- from Lena Dunham to this poor psychotic at UVA, Lady Gaga claiming she was raped but she didn’t admit it to herself for five years. What major crime do people say, ‘I didn’t admit it to myself?'”

In a second part of the interview, the 53-year-old pundit said that liberals are vastly overplaying instances of campus rape, which, in her experience is generally perpetrated by liberal men like the "Clintons and Kennedys," anyway.

Listen to Coulter's remarks, embedded below via Right Wing Watch:

Part One

Part Two