Anonymous threatens to release sex tape pics of rapper Iggy Azalea over remarks
Rapper Iggy Azalea (Kobby Dagan /

Members of the hacktivist group Anonymous have threatened to release still photos from a reported sex tape made by white rapper Iggy Azalea unless the performer apologizes for recent remarks.

Jezebel reported that Anonymous is angry that Azalea -- a blond, blue-eyed former Wilhelmina model who achieved chart success over the summer with the song "Fancy" -- has attacked fellow rapper Azealia Banks in an ongoing online feud and made disparaging remarks about demonstrators across the U.S. who are protesting police brutality against African-Americans.

Azealia Banks is a black rapper from New York City who got her start releasing songs through MySpace in 2008. She gained a cult following and was poised, it appeared, for widespread mainstream success when a series of contentious feuds with other artists and journalists seemed to largely derail her ascent.

Earlier this year, Banks focused her ire on the Australian-born Azalea, attacking her on Twitter and accusing her of cultural appropriation and of putting an acceptable white face on a largely black art form.

"I just really want to know what your fascination with Black women is," Banks tweeted at Azalea. "Why do you want to act like us? I need to know... Why do you imitate us in such a way that i feel like you are actually making fun of us? Why?"

Azalea responded by calling Banks a racist and "a miserable person."

Anonymous stepped in on Saturday, posting a series of tweets chastising Azalea and demanding that she apologize to Banks and to the protesters demonstrating across the country.

They followed it with:

When the group began to get pushback from women, it tweeted:

Finally, the group leveled a threat against the Australian rapper:

Jezebel's Isha Aran wrote, "Iggy's ignorant as f*ck and a problematic figure in our current pop culture, but just because Azalea has leeched her style and persona off black culture does not give anyone the right to release any part of her sex tape."

"Even if her career is ruined, Iggy is a symptom of a much bigger problem in the music industry and our culture at large," Aran said. "This whole thing will only make race relations and police brutality in the U.S. a spectacle, not the process it needs to be."

UPDATE: Anonymous has reaffirmed that they will not be releasing the video tape: