Dallas cop threatens woman’s daughter, holds service weapon to force mom to perform ‘sex acts’: police
Police officer with gun (Shutterstock.com)

A Dallas police officer has been charged with allegedly forcing a woman to perform multiple sex acts while he was on duty.

According to the Dallas Morning News, police arrested Officer David Kattner on Sunday at around 1:20 a.m.

An arrest warrant obtained by the paper said that Kattner had sexually assaulted the woman three times. The woman said that Kattner had shown her warrants for her arrest, and told her that he knew where her daughter lived.

The warrant stated that Kattner was wearing his Dallas Police Department uniform, and driving a marked patrol car when the assault occurred. It also stated that the officer kept his hand on his service weapon while he forced the victim to perform the sex act on him.

The woman felt that she had to comply because Kattner had threatened her safety and the safety of her daughter, the warrant said.

Officials with the Dallas Police Department said that Kattner was accused of making prostitutes perform sex acts. It was not immediately clear, however, that the victim was a prostitute.

Kattner was placed on administrative leave and booked into the Dallas County Jail. His bond was set at $50,000.

Investigators were seeking other potential victims in the case.