Fox News Host: Stephen Colbert owes us a royalty check, our 'gaffes' made his career
Greg Gutfeld (Screen capture)

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld said on Friday that comedian Stephen Colbert should pay Fox News for all of the years that their "gaffes" inspired him.

Gutfeld and the rest of the cast of Fox's The Five were discussing Colbert's epic send-off from Thursday night, in which he and a bevy of celebrities from Gloria Steinem to Henry Kissinger to Sesame Street's Big Bird sang British singer Vera Lynn's 1939 hit, "We'll Meet Again."

"It was an epic send-off," said co-host Eric Bolling, "one of the best I've ever seen."

"Very fun," agreed former Bush administration press officer Dana Perino. "I thought it would have been great to have Bill O'Reilly on there."

"It was fine," said Gutfeld. "But he should really write an 8-figure check to Fox News because all of our gaffes made that man's career."

Watch the video, embedded below: