Vandals steal baby Jesus and leave severed pig's head in Massachusetts nativity scene
Nativity scene at Sacred Hearts Church (screen capture)

In the early morning hours of Christmas Day, vandals stole the baby Jesus from the nativity scene outside Sacred Hearts Church in Haverhill, Massachusetts.

According to NBC News, the thieves not only took the infant Savior, but left a severed pig's head lying in its place in the manger.

"What is this world coming to?" Parishioner Bill LaPierre said to NBC. "Just, the craziness that's happening every day in our lives. Why do people do things like that?"

"Truthfully, I really for sorry for anyone that has done this," said Bernie Clohisy, another Sacred Hearts parishioner. "What can you say when you look at yourself in the mirror every morning?"

Watch video about this story, embedded below: