Wake up, sheeple! Five amazingly awful chemtrail Christmas tunes to ruin your holiday spirit
Woman wearing Christmas hat covering her ears (Shutterstock)

Is it snowing outside -- or is that just reside from the strontium and barium being sprayed in the sky to create an atmospheric mirror for Monstano's GMO crops?

Chemtrails conspiracy theorists are convinced that the clouds of condensation that form behind jets — normally called contrails — are actually chemicals being deliberately sprayed into the atmosphere as part of a secret geo-engineering program.

Gawker reported Monday that a YouTube user by the name of Michael Fleming has been raising awareness about "chemtrails" through parodies of popular songs, including "Smells Like Chemtrail Spirit." But the prolific remixer also has a wide selection of classic Christmas-themed songs to choose from.

"Away in The Manger" is now "Away In A Chemtrail," where we learn that gay serial killers at NASA are creating tornadoes.

"O Come All Ye Faithful" has become "O Spray All Ye Skanky."

"Satan Clause is Coming to Town" has morphed into "Satan Claws Is Sprayin' Your Town" -- sprayin it with chemtrails, of course.

"Silent Night" has been converted into "Skanky Night," a skanky night, chemtrailed night where the Anti-Christ blocks the light.

[proxy-video //www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/GTUNHJqclzM?rel=0&showinfo=0 expand=1]

And "Oh Christmas Tree" is now "Oh NASA Drone."

[proxy-video //www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/313h70dv_sA?list=UUzB4UF7AlNMOUzZj0Zb8deg&showinfo=0 expand=1]