WATCH: Researchers say new ultrasound tech will allow you to ‘feel’ the holograms you see
Researchers develop way to create 'tangible' holograms [YouTube]

A British company is closer to developing tactile holograms by using ultrasound technology, Mashable reported.

"We've been working on this for over four years," Ultrahaptics chief technology officer Tom Carter said. "The goal of the company isn't to launch its own product, we want this tech to become embedded in lots of different products, from clocks, to home appliances to cars."

Carter, one of the company's founders, was also part of the team that worked on the project at the University of Bristol.

"Waves of ultrasound displace the air, creating a pressure difference," the team stated in an abstract posted online. "By causing many waves to arrive at the same place simultaneously, a noticeable pressure difference is created at that point. With this method, we are able to create multiple, concurrent points of haptic feedback in mid-air."

Besides integrating the technology into everyday use within the next few years, Carter said, the "holy grail" for their work is applyiing it to virtual reality settings.

"There's a huge amount of development going into things like the Oculus Rift," he told Mashable. "Now you can only see and hear, you can't touch. So the ultimate hope would be that you could put on those virtual reality goggles and feel and touch the virtual world."

Watch a video demonstration of Ultrahaptics' work, as posted online, below.