WATCH: Swearing, volatile jerk makes broken elevator wait a living nightmare
Image of Nick Nerv (Screen capture)

On Wednesday a Reddit user uploaded a series of videos that showed what happened when their friend was trapped in an apartment complex elevator with a volatile stranger for an hour and a half.

According to a Reddit user named "Nick Nerv," the video's narrator, "We were trapped in the elevator for an hour and a half it was extremely upsetting. I was doing 100% fine then mr crazy freaked me the F*CK out!"

In the videos, the other passenger, a man in his twenties wearing headphones and a fedora hat, became increasingly agitated, shouting and banging and spewing abuse at the woman who answered the elevator's help line.

Gawker reported that the fedora-wearing man screamed Metallica lyrics, made an obscene suggestion to the help line operator and, when asked to calm down, said, "There's no law I have to remain calm."

Watch the videos, embedded below via YouTube (NOTE: Graphic langugage):

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three: