Bill Maher 'reveals' Joni Ernst's country-singing past: 'Bread Bags On My Feet'
Bill Maher displays Sen. Joni Ernst's (R-IA) 'country album' on Jan. 23, 2015 [YouTube]

Real Time host Bill Maher admitted on Friday to being "obsessed" with Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) following her response to President Barack Obama's State of the Union address.

"She brought up the fact that she wore bread bags on her feet," Maher said, suppressing a laugh. "I don't know if this was something that was widely done. And I've talked to people -- apparently it's a little more widely done than I talked about."

Ernst said on Tuesday that her mother sent her to school wearing the bags whenever it rained, painting it as an example of her family living within its means. She did not, however, mention that her family reportedly received more than $460,000 in federal farm subsidies.

Maher also mocked Ernst's statement last year regarding climate change, when she said she had "not seen proven proof that it is entirely man-made."

"Yes, but there are people who do," Maher said, alluding to the overwhelming scientific consensus attributing global warming to human behavior. "This is the point that Obama was making."

However, Maher joked, Ernst did not disclose her past as a country singer, at which point he produced a mock cover for her album, Bread Bags On My Feet.

He then listed the track listing, which included ditties like "Harper Valley NRA," "To All The Girls I've Underpaid Before," and "The Only Thing Gay About My Marriage Was The Priest," among others.

Watch Maher discuss Ernst's musical leanings, as posted online on Friday, below.