Fox host: If ex-Olympian Bruce Jenner is transgender then she won't be 'on a Wheaties box again'
Fox News host Brian Kilmeade

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade suggested on Thursday that if reports were true that former Olympian Bruce Jenner was transitioning into a woman then it meant that she no longer was suitable to be on a Wheaties box.

In recent months, multiple tabloids have speculated about Jenner's changing appearance. In Touch magazine took it one step further this week with its new cover featuring a photoshopped image of Jenner's face on the body of a woman.

Fox & Friends reported on Thursday that Jenner's wife had called the magazine cover "mean."

"They are basing it on a source that says that is how he wants to appear," Fox News host Steve Doocy noted.

"I don't think he's happy with the outcome either," co-host Brian Kilmeade barked as Doocy shrugged in disagreement.

"Okay, I don't know," Kilmeade continued. "I just don't see him on a Wheaties box again in the future."

"Not for a while," Doocy agreed.

GLAAD President Sarah Kate Ellis responded to the recent reports about Jenner by shaming the media for the coverage.

“This nonsense has to end,” she said in a statement. “Speculating about a person’s gender identity only inflames the invasive and gross scrutiny that transgender people face every day at school, at work, or even when just walking down the street. It’s long past time that media outlets stop gossiping about Bruce Jenner’s gender.”

Watch the video below from Fox News' Fox & Friends, broadcast Jan. 15, 2015.