Fox pundit: Paris was terrorized because French people have smartphones instead of guns
Emily Miller speaks to Fox News (screen grab)

Emily Miller, an investigative reporter for Fox's DC affiliate, insisted to Fox News on Monday that a recent terrorist attack in Paris was not stopped because the French people carried cellphones, but not guns.

"I think, as far as French gun laws, it's basically a gun-free zone," Miller opined to Fox News host Anna Kooiman. "As we've seen in the United States, gun-free zones lure evil and crazy people like terrorists there because no one fights back."

"So, gun-free zones like France, which unfortunately even the poor police aren't carrying guns, is just very attractive to somebody who is going to go in with a gun."

But Democratic strategist Brian Benjamin pointed out that so-called lone wolf terrorists could "go into any gun show and just pick up guns legally" in the United States, even if they were on the terrorism watch list.

According to Miller, it was "ridiculous" to think that the Second Amendment made things easier for terrorists.

"It's the polar opposite," she said. "Foreigners know we have guns... Like the guy -- the camera phone at this horrible crime, this policeman in Paris was shot in the head begging for mercy. The person who was taking that video, if they had been a concealed carry owner -- or like me, a gun owner -- they could have shot the man, maybe put him on defense. But instead, they just watched and took a video."

Benjamin noted that the terrorists who attacked Charlie Hebdo in France likely bought their assault rifles on the black market, but similar weapons could be purchased legally at gun shows in the United States.

Miller agreed that there were probably "ISIS sleeper cell in the United States," and that those terrorist might be able to legally buy firearms.

"But the fact is, is there's a lot more people who can shoot back at them," she added. "In this history of this country -- and you can tell me if I'm wrong if you have another example -- there has never been a gun control law that has reduced crime. I can't think of any gun control law that prevents terrorists. Because, you know what? If they're murderers, they don't care what the laws are already."

Watch the video below from Fox News' Fox & Friends, broadcast Jan. 12, 2015.