'Ha ha... You're screwed': Text mocks woman who says she was drugged, raped at Duke frat party
Barman preparing and pouring alcoholic drink (Shutterstock.com)

A woman has told police in Durham, North Carolina that she was drugged and raped while attending a party at Duke University's Alpha Delta Phi fraternity.

According to a search warrant obtained by WTVD, the woman was served a mixed drink after she arrived at the party just before 11 p.m. on Jan. 8.

She said that one of the fraternity members wanted her to come upstairs to see his room. But she declined, and came back downstairs.

She later drank something that was described as "hot chocolate," which was allegedly made by the fraternity members. She believed the drink to be safe because she could not taste any alcohol in it.

The woman said that she has no other memories of the evening after dancing with her friends. She woke up the next afternoon in a T-shirt that she did not recognize, and she was not wearing any underwear. She found the leggings she was wearing the night before next to the bed, and they were torn.

A text message was left on the woman's phone that said: "HA HA, YOU WENT BACK WITH A KID I KNOW... YOU'RE SCREWED."

She said that she did not recognize the number. And her roommate told her that she had not remembered going to the bedroom because she was "passed out" at the time.

Duke Hospital reportedly examined the woman, and the incident was reported to police.

A search warrant for Alpha Delta Phi said that investigators were looking for the white Styrofoam cups that were used to serve the "hot chocolate," an Igloo container that stored the beverage, and clothes belonging to the woman.

Duke University said in a statement that it was cooperating with the Durham Police Department.

"Pursuant to Duke's policy, the fraternity has been placed on interim suspension until further notice," the statement noted. "As this case is now being actively investigated by the Durham Police Department, Duke will not have any further comment at this time."

No charges had been filed as of Tuesday.

Watch the video below from WTVD, broadcast Jan. 20, 2015.